Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Ideas...

Here are some ideas of the beanies you could create for you or your children!

The following beanies are SINGLE CROCHET STITCH beanies:

The following beanies and headbands are DOUBLE CROCHET STITCH beanies and headbands:

Use your imagination and e-mail us with your ideas and orders!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ordering your Headband or Beanie

Welcome to the Pinkie Blondie Blue Blog! This is the place to buy the cutest beanies and headbands for you and your kids. They are entirely customizable, or you can buy one that has already been created. To order, just email the specifics of the beanie(s)/headband(s) you would like to buy to

1. What is your name, shipping address, and phone number?

2. Buy one already created or customize your own?

3. Beanie or a headband?

4. What type of beanie or headband?
- Single crochet stitch (not hole-y - like the beanies you see pictured)
- Double crochet stitch (hole-y - like the headbands you see pictured)

5. How many inches around would you like the beanie/headband to be? (For a beanie, please also measure from the forehead to the back of the neck.)

6. What color do you want for the beanie/headband? (Almost any solid color is available, also a few multi-colored)

7. Specify which decoration and color of decoration you want on the beanie/headband (or no decoration). You may have any combination of the following:
- Flower (flower and center can be different colors)
- Bow
- Button
(ex: light pink flower with yellow button; or royal blue bow with white button; or green flower with tan center; or 2 crimson red buttons side by side)

Beanies are $10, headbands are $5, decoration is $2 (no matter the decoration or combination of decorations).

Please tell us what you think of your new beanie/headband by leaving a comment!

If you have any questions or suggestions, email them to